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The correlation of fusion 3/6 frequency with body size-related variables was stunning (Colombo 1989; 1997), but it should be recognized that, superimposed on the fusion 3/6 effect, there was a within-karyotype latitudinal effect (Colombo 1997).
McKnight, Missouri State University, por su poster titulado "La dieta omnivora de la tortuga pollo occidental (Deirochelys reticularia miaria);" segundo lugar, Marie-Eve Jacques, Oklahoma State University, por su poster titulado "Mantener area basal baja en los bosques de robles y pinos en el sureste de Oklahoma altera las comunidades de mamiferos pequenos;" y tercer lugar, Laura Stewart, University of Southern Mississippi, por su poster titulado "Influencia de adaptacion termal local en la preferencia de temperatura a lo largo du en gradiente latitudinal.
To explore pandemic timing and effect along a latitudinal gradient, we compiled geographic coordinates for province level population centers.
From initial position set-up configurations to single and double sets (and beyond), non-uniform modes and options, and the differences between Latitudinal (vertical) models and Longitudinal (horizontal) models, Advance Chess--The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, Model III covers moves involving captures, responses, and different kinds of advance options.
Together with their coastal territories these water objects form natural-landscape axis of Rostov agglomeration with its microstructure resembling sand clock pulled in latitudinal direction.
It accounts for key differences between ecosystems resulting from their location along broad latitudinal and altitudinal gradients and therefore allows assessment of how factors influencing ecosystem structure and function vary along these gradients (Meerhoff et al.
Environmental fluctuations in total chlorophyll are the regulating factors for gametogenic activity, rather than latitudinal temperature variations.
Researchers exposed hundreds of juvenile Chinook salmon to different magnetic fields that exist at the latitudinal extremes of their oceanic range.
Tropical scenery cuts into the New England bleakness and the use of color and black and white imagery sets in motion a rhythm that reveals the intermediate spaces that come out of this latitudinal relationship.
In reaching this conclusion he fails to notice the enormous latitudinal difference, some ten degrees, between the real Wilson's Promontory and Trickett's 'realigned' Cap de fremose ('Wilson's Promontory'), though he censors McIntyre for a similar latitudinal discrepancy regarding Cap de fremose and Cape Howe.
Stability of the rhythm period during latitudinal shifts, that followed by the change of all geophysical factors determined by place and time.