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A plain, unsweetened latte with nonfat milk delivers 12 grams of protein and 40 percent of a day's calcium for just 130 calories in a medium.
In the Latte Art Championship, competing baristas will present two identical samples of "art in a cup" for three different beverages -- a latte, a macchiato and a signature beverage.
The 27-year-old said competing against other latte art designers gave her a "massive adrenalin rush".
Lattes are Starbucks' best-seller and the change, the first by the multinational group anywhere in the world, follows extensive research.
Susan said: "Ladies Who Latte is flexible networking with a less formal approach.
The package is on offer from November 24 to 29, 2010, and offers a coupon for a complimentary latte at the hotel, a USD10 Starbucks gift card and 20% off a two night stay made before December 31, 2010.
Latte was tan and better behaved than Mocha, so we took him up on his offer and brought all three goats home.
Dulce de Leche brings the rich caramel dessert to a decadent yogurt cup and has the same calories and fat as the latte flavor.
If handing out free stuff sounds like a pretty mild protest, consider the result: "A lot of people would come by and say, 'I appreciate what you're saying, but I still need my latte.
Why, it costs less than the price of a latte a day.
The building was submitted for this year's ar+d awards, and though the jury could not reach agreement on a commendation, every member was struck by the qualities of light provided by the latte screens, the striated luminance that animates the spaces into being huge sundials.