latter day

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The weather was bad during the latter days of the voyage.
It was on a clear morning, in the latter days of December, that I first saw the white cliffs of Britain.
I'm afraid that we have too many of these public duties in these latter days.
I am afraid to say, I am sure, how many ancestors the baron had; but I know that he had a great many more than any other man of his time; and I only wish that he had lived in these latter days, that he might have had more.
Welcome, I say, valiant Don Quixote of La Mancha; not the false, the fictitious, the apocryphal, that these latter days have offered us in lying histories, but the true, the legitimate, the real one that Cide Hamete Benengeli, flower of historians, has described to us
Many years ago, it had had it in its mind to slide down sideways; it had been propped up, however, and was leaning on some half-dozen gigantic crutches: which gymnasium for the neighbouring cats, weather-stained, smoke- blackened, and overgrown with weeds, appeared in these latter days to be no very sure reliance.
Benjamin blushed--I was going to say, like a young girl; but young girls have given up blushing in these latter days of the age we live in.
It was in the latter days of September, and the equinoctial gales had set in with exceptional violence.
There was no other attribute that so much impressed her with a sense of new and untransmitted vigour in Pearl's nature, as this never failing vivacity of spirits: she had not the disease of sadness, which almost all children, in these latter days, inherit, with the scrofula, from the troubles of their ancestors.
But the name of that family, Davie, boy, is the name you bear -- Balfours of Shaws: an ancient, honest, reputable house, peradventure in these latter days decayed.
I trod the quarter-deck when I was a young man, though never the deck of the Wide Awake, which is the ship of my fancy--and of my livelihood in these latter days.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) has officially discontinued its eminent domain proceedings against the Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church, a historic, African-American church in Houston's Fifth Ward.