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Rather woful had been some attempts latterly to renew those evenings, when my mother might be brought to the verge of them, as if some familiar echo called her, but where she was she did not clearly know, because the past was roaring in her ears like a great sea.
At first, indeed, she had seemed to take a pleasure in mortifying my vanity and crushing my presumption - relentlessly nipping off bud by bud as they ventured to appear; and then, I confess, I was deeply wounded, though, at the same time, stimulated to seek revenge; - but latterly finding, beyond a doubt, that I was not that empty-headed coxcomb she had first supposed me, she had repulsed my modest advances in quite a different spirit.
Her victory was announced by an unusual tranquillity and gladness of soul which followed the relinquishing of my ancient and latterly tormenting studies.
Having fallen a good deal latterly into the late Sir John's way of always agreeing with my lady, I agreed with her heartily about Rosanna Spearman.
Sparsit latterly found herself, by accident, in a situation to overhear a conversation out of doors between your daughter and your precious gentleman-friend, Mr.
From his earlier work in coaching and latterly as an international administrator, I have witnessed Ray's influence and the affection and respect he is held in throughout the world rugby community.
RFU professional rugby director Rob Andrew said: "We are immensely grateful for the role Ed has played, both as a successful and respected referee, and latterly in developing other senior match officials.
Her achievements at Henley during what has latterly been a very difficult market have been outstanding.
Formerly of Kirkdale, Liverpool and latterly of Formby.
A partner with Deloitte since 1992, having joined the firm in 1983, latterly he was office senior partner at the firm's Cambridge office and before that seven years as a partner in the London office.
Starting his career with Benfield as a trainee sales executive in 1999, he quickly developed an outstanding ability to deliver and drive high volumes car sales and rapidly progressed within Benfield to become a business and sales manager in both Renault and latterly Volkswagen.
She latterly had a broodmare band of eight mares at Broadfield.