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Richard Hannon''s three-year-old has been laudably efficient this term, having already secured an early-season double over Monday''s 10-furlong trip.
Three months after taking office, President Obama issued an order invalidating Bush's signing statements and outlining the laudably narrow circumstances that would trigger statements of his own.
The movement laudably advanced far beyond protecting birds with beautiful feathers, and is today a critical voice saving wildlife and wild lands in our nation and beyond.
Laudably, Peter Pannu has cleared some of the fog surrounding St Andrew's by admitting more unpopular decisions may be on the cards following the much-publicised player exodus.
Unfortunately the orchestra still hadn't found their feet, and while their playing was laudably in tune, it was disappointingly flaccid.
Talk of fans cancelling season tickets, which buzzed on social media yesterday, is interesting - a first reflection of direct action against a club which has laudably reduced ticket prices to try to entice people through the gates.
In that case, councillors have laudably shown two fingers to the planning system and backed the businessmen and women.
NBC News, which laudably had set out to highlight the nationwide controversy over the safety of Gm's trucks, apparently found itself unable to do a hard-hitting story without resorting to artifice.
Each musician has a laudably open approach to music with a range of activities which are unhindered by typical genre barriers.
Indeed, if this otherwise laudably unpretentious account of the programme's history has a fault, it is Mr Donovan's tendency to downplay the drama of radio both behind the scenes and on the air.
But ideologies of "ascriptive inegalitarianism," as political scientist Rogers Smith has characterized them, aren't merely quirky growths on otherwise laudably egalitarian populism.
Greg Hancock did his job laudably, and Andreas Jonsson was unlucky not to get a nominated ride in heat 15 after two sharp wins and two seconds.