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Leonardo Bruni, in the Laudatio, carried on th is tradition of praising the Roman republic in a more mature, secular, and historically conscious way.
In the Laudatio Florentinae urbis, Bruni had celebrated Florence's military achievements with explicit reference to the city's Roman heritage and the military system of the Roman republic.
Opicius' generic decision to cast his semi-allegorical laudatio of Henry VII in the form of a pastoral dialogue is of a piece with other such decisions that he took, in other words: the prosodic decision to use unrhymed hexameters and elegiacs, as well as lyric meter, and the stylistic decision to decorate the king's 1492 accomplishments with epic conceits.
Die Festschrift, die ich hier anzuzeigen habe, ist in fast jeder Hinsicht aussergewohnlich: Sie gilt zwei Mediavisten gleichzeitig; deren Namen, Walter Haug und Burghart Wachinger, ersetzen den Titel und stehen damit fur ein Programm; kein Herausgeber nennt sich auf dem Titelblatt und keine Laudatio eroffnet den Reigen der insgesamt 58 Beitrage.
1415) from 1397 to 1400 together with Niccolo Niccoli and Palla Strozzi, and later corresponded with Ciriaco d'Ancona, styled Florence as a second Athens in his Laudatio Florentinae Urbis of 1404, which was itself based upon the second-century AD Panathenaicus of Aelius Aristedes, a history and exaltation of ancient (classical) Athens.
This volume contains the following chapters: "Paradiso XXV, 38 e i salmi dei pellegrinaggi"; "Strutture retoriche in cinque "orazioni" del Decameron"; "Citta reali, citta ideali e citta utopiche nella letteratura rinascimentale"; "Il doppio prologo della Betia di Ruzante: laudatio e/o antilaudatio?
See the interview with Michael Ledeen in Nazism: A Historical and Comparative Analysis of National Socialism (New Brunswick, 1978), 43, cited in Steven Ashheim, "George Mosse at 80: A Critical Laudatio," Journal of Contemporary History, 24 (1998), 304.
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The Laudatio was awarded to the German ambassador in Beijing, Volker Stanzel.
Laudatio funebris habita post exequias in templo academico in honorem ac moemoriam .
In precedenza, tra il 1404 e il 1405, Bruni ha scritto la la sua Laudatio di Firenze, l'appassionato elogio della florentina libertas, fondata sulla trasparenza delle istituzioni repubblicane: patet curia, patet summum tribunal (7).
Benoit's other example comes in a it, meaning laudatio of Duke Robert of Normandy.