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This being a movie by Oliver Stone (whose laudatory documentary about Fidel Castro has been shelved in light of the Cuban dictator's recent round of human-rights abuses), it comes dangerously close to becoming a movie about Oliver Stone.
Halberstam, author of several lofty and influential tomes on modern American history, has returned, armed with a laudatory blurb from Leslie Gelb of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Robertson helped organize the rally, and his Christian Broadcasting Network carried a laudatory report about the event on CBN's website (www.
The Company's recent contractual alignments with IBM and the State Department have received laudatory comments from the marketplace and Wall Street.
Scholars and theologians are equally laudatory in their assessments of Therese.
The laudatory prefaces that open these prints invoke the French monarchy as an exemplary center of a realm in crisis and allude in more cryptic language to the peril of the composer himself, who Rosenstock thinks may have been a Protestant sympathizer.
He reprints not one but three favorable fitness reports from his naval superiors, and he ends the book with extensive excerpts from the laudatory speeches his Post colleagues gave when he retired.
While the goals of these recent laws are certainly laudatory, the cost of compliance is also enormous, with 2005 expenses expected to hit the $15 billion watermark," said BindView Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Steve Kahan.
Horses to follow: Alfresco, Alisa Carmel, Boy Blue, Braveheart M o v e , Cheyenne Red, Clockmaster, Contillion, Count Bertoni, Electrolyser, Forbidden Paradise, Gillburgh, Hartley, Hendersyde, Ilie Nastase, Impressible, Khanivorous, Kiwi Bay, Lady Francesca, Lasso The Moon, Laudatory, Maria Nunziata, Matraash, Music Of The Moor, Nawojka, Oil Strike, Peking Prince, Planet Red, Purus, Rajeh, Sabotage, Saloon, Speed Dating, Starla Dancer, State Banquet, Triple Aspect, Valdan.
This is a laudatory biography of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839), the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire.
12 for its lame-duck session, although scores of laudatory resolutions will probably receive perfunctory approval.
Network Solutions (NSI) is pleased that National Science Foundation (NSF) has approved its plan for the establishment of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and welcomes the laudatory comments from the NSF for its efforts in the efficient management of the Internet Protocol (IP) function and the establishment of ARIN.