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It is almost laughable now, when I look back on it, the way father was beaten.
I have seen him a score of times, at table, insulting this hunter or that, with cool and level eyes and, withal, a certain air of interest, pondering their actions or replies or petty rages with a curiosity almost laughable to me who stood onlooker and who understood.
With a spring the huge anthropoid leaped from the stage to the boy's side; but if the trainer had looked for a laughable scene of fright he was mistaken.
All the wonder was, how the gentleman, with his lack of worldly wisdom and agonizing consciousness of ridicule, could have been induced to take a measure at once so prudent and so laughable.
Pennant, 35, said: "I'm not and will never be a porn star, it's laughable, I'm a married man living with my wife and step-daughter.
O'Leary said: "We have some jurisdictions where we are getting laughable demands.
Asked if some at the White House wanted him to resign, Tillerson told reporters: "It's laughablelaughable.
The argument that it would boost tourism is indeed laughable; laughable because if we allow this symbol of our servitude to be erected we would show the world that we are prepared to make our nation a laughing stock.
The Hammers host Middlesbrough on Saturday and Noble (below) added: "Eleven goals conceded in three games is laughable and it's not good enough.
Without fully understanding the cultural and demographic differences, to suggest that you can force the government of another nation - an economic superpower in this case - to adopt a one-size-fits-all political system of others' choosing in this day and age, that is truly laughable.
But for the fact it was so serious, then it would be laughable, Judge Philip Hughes, sitting at Mold Crown Court, told him.
It's laughable if people want to write us off, and want to write Chris off.