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Desktop computers that cost under $500 come with 40-gigabyte and sometimes 60-gigabyte hard drives, a laughably vast information storeroom for most ordinary users.
The first production of Springfield Theatre's mainstage season, "Crimes of the Heart" is about three sisters who come together in a crisis - one of them has been arrested for shooting her husband - and find out that they're still sadly and laughably messed up.
Abderakman has relatively little dancing, and Raymonda looks frightened of him; also, the duel between the two men is laughably brief.
He did this on the basis of arguments that by today's standards are laughably specious.
History is replete with expert predictions that have been laughably off target.
They have gone on to make laughably inadequate proposals.
SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983): What seems at first glance to be a laughably amateurish Friday the 13th rip-off is, upon closer viewing, a laughably amateurish Friday the 13th tip-off with exceptionally nasty dialogue, dozens of teenage dudes cavorting in (and out of) dolphin shorts, and a transgender-psychosexual twist that's just plain nauseating.
They are a motley crew to be sure: prostitutes and farmers, politicians and widows, witch doctors and missionaries, all fighting a common enemy with whatever tools they have at their disposal, and a laughably inadequate armoury it is.
The choice of further reading on certain entries is highly arbitrary and often laughably out of date as in the entries for Truman, Boswell, Tolkien and Queen Victoria.
She laughably describes Kinsey as having adopted "objective statistical methods" and as having sought a "representative sample of sex histories" (pp 24, 388) But Kinsey is surely a classic example of a snowball sample; he took histories wherever he could find them, especially if they were from frequenters of gay bars and from prisoners.
The sidebar further stated, quite laughably, that "nothing prepared the [Greenwich Time] staff for the renewed media feeding frenzy over the Martha Moxley killing.
Now it has been released in a splendid-sounding gold version by DCC; however, now that I am 50, Blue strikes me as almost laughably self-absorbed, and although I still enjoy some of the striking melodies, this is not a CD to which I will return very often.