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She laughably describes Kinsey as having adopted "objective statistical methods" and as having sought a "representative sample of sex histories" (pp 24, 388) But Kinsey is surely a classic example of a snowball sample; he took histories wherever he could find them, especially if they were from frequenters of gay bars and from prisoners.
Now it has been released in a splendid-sounding gold version by DCC; however, now that I am 50, Blue strikes me as almost laughably self-absorbed, and although I still enjoy some of the striking melodies, this is not a CD to which I will return very often.
I had delusions of making money as a pianist, but I was laughably inadequate, although I did get a job editing music books.
In these forests there live certain events, shards of memory, scraps of once-heard lore, intimations once familiar--some painful, shameful, some drably or laughably inconsequent, others thoughts that the thinker could never hold fast and begin to tell.
Of course, our contribution was almost laughably insignificant.
The media relations practitioners at Sioux City were true professionals, but they were so close to their subject they sometimes could not appreciate that a reporter may not understand something that, to them, is laughably simple.
When the 2007 Report states that 'Although oil companies increased efforts to minimize the environmental and social impact of their oil projects in the Amazonian region, environmental damage, particularly deforestation, continued,' it falls laughably short of factually documenting what it is legally mandated to do, which is to report on the 'status of internally recognized human rights.
And we're in BBC1's laughably ridiculous Atlantis, which got even more loopy when our hero hid in a house shared by Pythagoras and fat Dave from The Full Monty - a human Yorkshire pudding we're supposed to believe is Hercules.
In the stage-managed world of The Apprentice, such laughably over-confident statements are always followed by a certain grizzled old Cockney growling: "You're fired
The roads are closed, the trains are laughably crowded with rucksack-wielding families and it's 1-33 that downstairs, for the umpteenth year running, a group of musclebound drummers will be banging out an incessant rhythm for four hours.
They're ALL SCOUSERS you know BOOTYLICIOUS Beyonce Giselle Knowles is, laughably, said to hail from Houston in Texas.
Laughably, in the case of the current Queen, she only attained her position through an accident of birth and through the abdication crisis.