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One owner managed to video Alexa laughing out of the blue.
Once the class had mastered the act of laughing at nothing, there was suddenly a rather more relaxed atmosphere in the entire place.
This recent appointment establishes the total number of Laughing Planet board members at five.
But according to Thadani no one is laughing in the upmarket Mumbai suburb of Kurli, where residents are fighting for the right to be glum in peace.
And remember, you don't have to be happy to laugh; laughing can make you--and your neighbors--happy.
She had shamed them for the moment, but the students began laughing again once they were dismissed to go to their first class.
But he now faces a pounds 4000 fine or six months in jail after a jogger successfully took him to court, claiming his laughing was disturbing the peace.
But the first time the audience starts laughing, it's this wonderful feeling of, OK they're with me--how far can I take this?
After getting a mention in "The South Beach Diet" book, Laughing Cow cheese's sales have soared 250% from last year's levels.