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Oh," she told him, laughingly, after pressing a long, tender kiss upon his lips, "I have overcome everything
I imagine it would be very difficult to carry a piano over those mountains," said Christie laughingly, to avoid the collateral of the banjo.
Twas nothing," he replied laughingly, "so long as it brought me you.
And a little further on, laughingly said perhaps, but yet with an air of truth:-
The idea was received with melodious applause; and presently they were all running to and fro for flowers, and laughingly flinging them upon me until I was almost smothered with blossom.
The contract," answered Dantes, laughingly, "it didn't take long to fix that.
But Elizabeth, who had not the least inclination to remain with them, laughingly answered:
Laughingly he said to the councillor, restored to his family:
At length Charles Weston good-naturedly offered his own services, laughingly declaring, that his luck was never known to fail.
As it was--having with all his three livings no more than seven hundred a-year, and seeing no way of keeping his splendid mother and his sickly sister, not to reckon a second sister, who was usually spoken of without any adjective, in such ladylike ease as became their birth and habits, and at the same time providing for a family of his own--he remained, you see, at the age of eight-and-forty, a bachelor, not making any merit of that renunciation, but saying laughingly, if any one alluded to it, that he made it an excuse for many indulgences which a wife would never have allowed him.
How convenient it would be," Lady Muriel laughingly remarked, a propos of my having insisted on saving her the trouble of carrying a cup of tea across the room to the Earl, "if cups of tea had no weight at all
Then Achilles said laughingly to Priam, "Dear sir, you shall lie outside, lest some counsellor of those who in due course keep coming to advise with me should see you here in the darkness of the flying night, and tell it to Agamemnon.