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The 43-year-old laughingly says she has Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and Ne-Yo producer Syience to thank for her renewed passion.
Which means our teachers - who laughingly insist they're worth more money - are incapable of teaching our kids even the basics: to read and write.
Lyon laughingly recalled how he easily apprehended the suspect with his gun.
Jon-Lewis laughingly calls mam Jacqueline Roche "because she knows as much about boxing as Freddie Roche
More laughingly, the job advertised was on behalf of an agency recruiting a 'Jobs search professional.
I had recently read somewhere that, because of the weather conditions during what has laughingly been called the summer, we should expect a larger than usual number of spiders in our homes, but this was ridiculous.
When the 'Can't Hardly Wait' star was asked if she had a make out with the 28-year-old, she laughingly answered that it was all rumours emerging out of a coincidence.
Clark's, Sony Pictures Classics topper Tom Bernard said laughingly, "(Leigh's) humor is very dry.
And he even laughingly declared that England "played well" in the 4-1 drubbing in Bloemfontein.
He laughingly talked about " giving up my holiday and making some 100 students smile", adding that " they wouldn't actually learn anything in one or two classes till ( they) see the theory translated into practical".
The helicopter budget alone has been cut by half since the gung-ho George Bush-inspired advance in 2001 for what was laughingly described as "a peace-keeping mission".
He laughingly reminded me of this after the match and in congratulating him I made a gesture aimed directly at him.