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Also known as SpaceX, the private El Segundo-based company had planned the launch for Jan.
But once again this small science satellite, originally slated for launch in June 1995, found itself all dressed up with no place to go.
WESTERN GOVERNMENTS HAVE VIRTUally no firsthand knowledge of Russian nuclear-weapon launch controls.
The dummy booster was dropped Wednesday over Edwards as part of AirLaunch LLC's efforts to develop a launch vehicle called QuickReach rocket, intended to be able to put small surveillance and communication satellites into space more quickly and for significantly less money than conventional rockets.
Its sophisticated equipment, elaborate mission plans and multiple satellite deployments created a host of factors that could delay its takeoffs--anathema to customers like the Department of Defense (DOD), who needed to know that they could count on having a promptly available launch vehicle in case they needed to replace a critical but malfunctioning satellite.