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SpaceX has enhanced its system for verifying the health of the rocket and launch pad from about 30 checks to nearly 1,000.
If the agency decides that the Pegasus XL requires considerably more testing before it is deemed flightworthy, "the only choice is to use a Russian launch vehicle, and that choice, given the climate of 'buy American', is not politically popular right now," she says.
Aides to Boris Yeltsin revealed the existence of multiple keys requiring both the central government and the leadership of the four nuclear republics to collaborate on a launch decision.
The test was part of a program that is exploring a new way of launching small satellites into space called the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) program, administered by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force.
The TDRS satellites are designed to let NASA phase out much of its ground-based tracking network, as well as to markedly increase the amount of time that orbiting shuttles and other space-borne devices are in communication with the ground; in addition, a number of forthcoming NASA satellites such as the Hubble Space Telescope (due for shuttle launch in 1989) have been designed on the assumption that at least two TDRS's will be available at any given time.
Perhaps the only ones not caught up in the spectacle of today's launch are those who are about to fly in Discovery, said chief astronaut Charlie Precourt.
Orbital's Minotaur vehicles are the only proven launch vehicles currently capable of supporting the Department of Defense's evolving ORS launch requirements.
Launch site for Titan, Delta, Atlas and Minuteman rockets.
In addition to the Minotaur I and IV space launch vehicles, Orbital's Minotaur product line also includes:
The vehicle was rapidly picked up by three radars at the White Sands Missile Range, proving that the morning fix of the C-band transponders was successful -- and that the "GO" for launch by the team was the correct decision.
Orbital's role in the program encompasses program management support to RpK and lead responsibility for systems engineering and vehicle integration, launch operations, and safety and mission assurance.
IDC's CMO Advisory Practice today announced that Autodesk and Avaya are the recipients of IDC's CMO Advisory Best Practices Award for New Product Launch Processes.