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Bahrain must tighten its belt to reduce lavishness, rationalise spending and protect public money, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said.
MANAMA: Bahrain must tighten its belt to reduce lavishness, rationalise spending and protect public money.
Insignia Travel Media Group is a revamped drive by Insignia, an imaginative mark-advertising firm specialising in lavishness voyage and lifestyle marks, with an arrangement of universal work places and an universe-class customer portfolio.
This is a film that tries to blend the thrills of martial arts movies with the drama of the good old western on a canvas that was obviously out to impress with its lavishness.
ISLAMABAD, April 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): Radio Pakistan, the biggest and most effective medium of information having vast outreach, is on the brink of collapse due to the inefficiency and lavishness of its top administration, particularly the Director General Employees of the Radio Pakistan said that the corporation is short of funds while on the other hand the director general and his cronies are spending sumptuously on the holding of musical shows and concerts every now and then.
But I got in and witnessed displays of lavishness including an absinthe jelly shaped like St Paul's Cathedral, bottles of pounds 200 whisky and a birthday cake so big it needed three waiters to carry it out.
The lavishness of the menu might surprise some people, as the same politicians spent some of the day discussing howto combat food poverty.
She didn't just want her Big Day to be obscene in levels of lavishness, it had to be seen to be obscene.
However this takes nothing away from the lavishness of this production with its grandiose set and costumes straight from the vault of classical ballet.
Apart from its impressive offroad ability, the Touareg's most attractive quality is the lavishness of the car-like interior, which is just as well equipped as an executive saloon.
Rowan Williams is a very humble man and the cost of the vestments would have been invested in the skills of the craftspeople, not in the lavishness of the materials.
Even hardened showbiz-bash veteran Eva - the only UK journalist on the VIP guest list - was stunned by the lavishness of the occasion.