law enforcement agency

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Members of a law enforcement agency seeking to initiate a successful CPA program must obtain the support of their administration.
Whether a drug roadblock passes the balancing test may very well depend on how carefully the initiating law enforcement agency plans the procedure and articulates its purpose.
law enforcement agency not already electronically recording interrogations is, quite possibly, only one judicial court decision away from the requirement, which could come in the next session or in 10 years.
The strength (personnel and other resources) and the aggressiveness of a jurisdiction's law enforcement agency are also key factors in understanding the nature and extent of crime occurring in that area.
The unit notifies the appropriate law enforcement agency when apparent criminal violations are detected and works hand in hand with them whenever necessary.
Decisions concerning firearms hold importance for any law enforcement agency.
A NIBRS edition of the UCR Handbook was published in 1992 to assist law enforcement agency data contributors implementing the NIBRS within their departments.
Federal Reserve staff members are now meeting with law enforcement agency representatives in Washington, D.
federal law enforcement agency for audio processing and other related equipment.
Additionally, training at this stage reaffirms that the law enforcement agency administration understands the pressures inherent in police work that may lead to substance use and abuse.

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