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When law enforcement duties are rotated between units, individual Soldiers do not obtain the experience and confidence needed to be fully successful law enforcement agents.
For the sniper and law enforcement agent, there are sniper specific suits.
Offer an assurance that the law enforcement agent is bound by law and is not the kind of police that immigrant populations are likely to have encountered in their countries of origin.
Third, the law enforcement agents had not only probable cause to suspect that a crime had been perpetrated but firsthand knowledge that ongoing crimes were transpiring.
NET, browser-based rich client that is already arming law enforcement agents with instant mobile and in-house access to real-time RMS information (including pictures) from across jurisdictions, regardless of RMS vendor.
Each law enforcement agent (LEA) who engages with our facility will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines:
Mgbobila negotiated the purchase of 30 firearms from an undercover law enforcement agent for $150 each, to be paid the following morning.
As we expand wiretapping,'' he said, ``we'd also broaden protections under the Privacy Act to make it a felony for a law enforcement agent to willfully and knowingly intrude improperly on a person's private communications.
This will allow for the national collection of number plate data from NAS solutions used by local law enforcement agencies and will eventually sustain in the region of 50 million inbound reads per day while providing an active query capability to thousands of law enforcement agents.
assessing the incidence and prevalence of unjustified and unlawful killings of people of color by law enforcement agents, and the unjustified response from communities of color;
KARACHI -- Law enforcement agents eliminated at least three Lyari gangwar suspects in separate late night shootouts here.
Federal Protective Service officers are sworn law enforcement officers who protect federal workers and visitors at 9,000 federal facilities nationwide, yet they do not receive the law enforcement retirement benefits provided to all other law enforcement agents within the Department of Homeland Security.

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