Law of the Land

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Law of the Land

The designation of general public laws that are equally binding on all members of the community.

The law of the land, embodied in the U.S. Constitution as Due Process of Law, includes all legal and equitable rules defining Human Rights and duties and providing for their protection and enforcement, both between the state and its citizens and between citizens.

law of the land

n. a slang term for existing laws.

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Therefore, if the court proved beyond reasonable doubt that Gatdet was perhaps guilty of treason, then he should solely be charged of 20 years life imprisonment, but not death penalty, owing to the fact that, death penalty is prohibited by the supreme law of the land (transitional constitution of South Sudan, 2011).
He said that China had no objection if legal action was taken against their nationals found involved in criminal activities provided the action was on merit and as per the law of the land.
other legislation is also possible, 8 percent said Sharia should not be the law of the land, while 11 percent did not know.
However, he said that Government of Sindh wont allow any violation of law of the land by any one.
I have just spoken to the Israeli Foreign Minister and I have reassured him that the law of the land will take its course.
He added: "In situations where these appalling activities took place, let them be reported and let the law of the land apply.
LTTE terrorists were not instruments of the law of the land, they did not obey the laws of the land and they obeyed their own laws as separatists.
Whatever our sentiments on this issue, the police are paid by us to uphold the law of the land and not to support or oppose arbitrary changes made by local quangos to properly debated laws, passed in Parliament.
The guidance issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers rightly points out that, while hunting is not a top priority, it is still the law of the land and therefore it is their duty to enforce this law.
In fact, everyone in England(and Wales) can choose a third party to settle a dispute as long as both sides agree and the law of the land is respected.
These extremists yearn to make their narrow understanding of Christianity the law of the land for everyone--and sullying the separation of church and state is job one on their to-do list.
International law scholars have argued that American officials must respect customary international law because the Constitution makes that law part of the "supreme Law of the Land.