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They were: information supplied by, or relating to, bodies dealing with security matters; defence; international relations; information relating to the provision of advice by any of the law officers or any request for the provision of such advice; protection of personal data; and legal professional privilege.
On the other hand, Rangers law officer fought for Dr Hussain s indictment and presented evidences in the court.
Altaf said he explained his statement in three TV programmes later and if the law officers had presented the subsequent interviews, the court might have withheld its order regarding ban on his speeches.
In three of these instances, the unsuspecting officer walked into an ambush situation; in seven others, the officer was gunned down for no apparent reason, perhaps just for being a law officer.
I've been extremely impressed by the level of commitment to public safety the Panasonic folks have repeatedly demonstrated," said Dale Stockton, Editor of Law Officer.
One of the accused, Asghar Yaqoob, used to provide weapons for target killings", Rangers Law Officer told the ATC.
However, ECP's law officer submitting a reply told that the Apex Court had suspended the LHC orders and the notification was issued accordingly.
This could easily qualify as Delhi government's apathy of the worst kind, as Tihar Jail's Law Officer who represents prison authorities in courts, advises them and takes care of cases of nearly 13,500 inmates was made to run from pillar to post for promotion and increment for the past 19 years.
The business case obtained by the Welsh Liberal Democrats makes it clear that no other law officer in the UK has such an insignia.
Nominations may be submitted through May 20, 2011 to Law Officer Magazine, which is assisting with the nomination and award process.
On Friday, a junior law officer appeared before the court on Deputy Attorney General Tanvir Ahmad Hashmi's behalf, and sought time to comply with the court order, the Daily Times reported.
Scotland, the UK's top law officer, was fined pounds 5000 for the offence then sparked fury by comparing her error to committing a minor driving offence.