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Through them, Black identities are always interrogated and reduced to stereotypes; they would colonize the Black world, permitting only the reproduction of such Black subjects as whores, lawbreakers, and falsifiers who have to be policed.
Backed by intensive air support, combat forces have continued security operations in North Sinai to hunt terrorist hotbeds and cells and to arrest gunmen and lawbreakers," the spokesman said in a release.
A number of suspects were arrested and an investigation has been launched to locate and arrest additional lawbreakers.
It seems like another case of the lawbreakers sticking two fingers up at us lawabiders.
Byline: Bahrain's Police Chief denied allegations of a lenient approach towards lawbreakers on Sunday.
PARTNERS against crime are needed to help police crack down on lawbreakers.
Addressing that cohort of lawbreakers, the Goshen News helpfully pointed out: "Participation in the mainstream banking [system] is often critical for economic success and personal safety.
Law enforcement officials say encryption must be tightly regulated to prevent terrorists, drug dealers, and other lawbreakers from concealing their criminal activities.
RAWALPINDI -- - Police have arrested 23 lawbreakers with 6.
RAWALPINDI -- Rawalpindi Police, under its campaign against anti-social elements, have arrested 12 lawbreakers and seized 1230 grams charas, 21 bottles of liquor, one pistol 30 bore with 18 rounds, one pistol 32 bore, one gun 12 bore and a stolen Honda car from the possession of the arrested accused.
By Ahmad Al-Mutairi (with photos) KUWAIT, June 4 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Interior is committed to crack down hard on lawbreakers, particularly those violating residency and labor laws and regulations, a ministry official told KUNA on Tuesday.
Manama - Dec5 (BNA) The General Director of Northern Governorate Police has announced that a group of lawbreakers poured oil on Sehla road on Wednesday evening that led to one private car to hit a wall of a building.