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Deputies at the environment committee have made their intentions very clear -- law breaking will not only be made more affordable, but lawbreakers will be protected.
Clearly, Himes's celebration of violence and his association of the affectations of the lawbreakers with a cool style in Black culture are common in film noir, too, where the primary identification lies with neurotic detectives and bad guys.
The raid was part of the security campaigns launched regularly by the ministry to arrest lawbreakers, convicts and wanted people," the interior ministry said.
In another development, the Cabinet heard that lawbreakers harming children or exploiting them could soon face tougher penalties.
The minister announced that inspection campaigns would be stepped up from next week against lawbreakers in coordination with the General Directorate.
A strong show of force was carried out by ministry personnel on the scene in those suburbs to prevent lawbreakers from fleeing the area, said the statement.
When lawbreakers are released repeatedly, what's to deter them from breaking the law again?
Surely they are entitled to the same as those lawbreakers in prison (who they'll probably join), especially as they found themselves in such positions they had perfect excuses for breaking the law.
Since you can't do the former without doing the latter, I would suggest that logically they are lawbreakers by any account.
It seems like another case of the lawbreakers sticking two fingers up at us lawabiders.
The end of the double jeopardy rule is more than just double trouble for lawbreakers.
Police have already arrested nearly 100 such lawbreakers.