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Unfortunately for the reader, they were more successful with their Hooters visits than their intended lawbreaking.
56) The "cool cat" described here is Gus, a lawbreaking associate of Hank's and Jodie's.
A BURGLAR who had second thoughts while trying to break into a house because he had made a promise to end his life of lawbreaking has kept his freedom.
During the sitting chaired by Speaker Yahya al Ra'e, the council urged the government to assume its constitutional responsibility, firmly face criminal acts and lawbreaking, impose the rule of law and preserve the pubic security and properties.
WHEN faced with lawbreaking or an injustice, you can be torn between keeping silent or speaking out.
SO, are our labour Leaders actually going to claim that even though the donations broke the law, because they were unaware of the lawbreaking they should face no action ?
The council's proposal to legalise them for 18 hours a day simply rewards lawbreaking.
This debate is about rewarding lawbreaking and encouraging illegal immigration.
Just continue with your lawbreaking, And we can guarantee, A ride in a police car, And a lack of liberty.
Which amounts to a declaration that lawbreaking is less serious for any group of oddballs who happen to claim a branch of criminality as part of their religious beliefs.
However, it's still unclear whether a mother's smoking during pregnancy directly affects her child's propensity for lawbreaking, cautions psychologist David M.