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Some legal commentators have speculated that the court is acting lawlessly by making the tapes available only with very stringent restrictions on use.
Although many people in your store have the power to kill and are in more than sufficient proximity to exercise that power, they do not express the intent to lawlessly harm one another.
Across the nation, we've seen schools come together to partner with key organizations to support comprehensive services for students and their families in some of our toughest communities," he said last year while lawlessly handing out $5 million of your money to create the parental-replacement centers.
Jon Feere, the Center's legal policy analyst and author of the report, stated that, "Any effort on the part of the Obama administration to increase immigration by lawlessly changing visa counting would be a rejection of the legislative process laid out in the Constitution, a rejection of the will of a majority of the American people, and a political move designed to benefit special interests.
When governments act lawlessly, replacing them is a moral imperative.
House Republicans can attach to the continuing resolution that funds the government, and then to the increase in the debt ceiling, two provisions: Preservation of the ACA requirement -- lawlessly disregarded by the administration -- that members of Congress and their staffs must experience the full enjoyment of the ACA without special ameliorating subsidies.
Faced with a sometimes incoherent action by the legislature, courts would be acting responsibly, not lawlessly, by asking Congress to make clear its intent to achieve the unreasonable result of imprisoning a morally blameless individual.
lets settlers rampage lawlessly against civilians, destroying property and causing injuries, at times serious;
Bush to label people "evildoers" and turn loose American pilots to recklessly and lawlessly bomb the Afghanistan countryside in wild hopes of killing them.
Last time I looked in the dictionary "alienating" meant unfriendly, unaccepting and hostile - which is precisely how any civilised society should be towards those who choose to live lawlessly outside it.
When asked about potential violence, I never hesitated to point out that "There is a real threat of lawlessness when the WAF is controlled by Monsanto, a company that lawlessly trespasses on the land of farmers like Percy Schmeiser, criminally steals samples of crops and violently drops pesticide bombs on their fields to test if their crops are Roundup-resistant.
184) The court in Thomas argued that setting a high standard for dismissal "serves to protect these holdouts from fellow jurors who have come to the conclusion that the holdouts are acting lawlessly.