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Inside the railed enclosure a lawyer was reading a typewritten speech.
Every detail of the damaging circumstances that occurred in the graveyard upon that morning which all present remembered so well was brought out by credible witnesses, but none of them were cross- examined by Potter's lawyer.
Well, it made our lawyer look pretty sick; and it knocked Tom silly, too, for a little spell, but then he braced up and let on that he warn't worried--but I knowed he WAS, all the same.
It introduced Gray as the original inventor of the telephone, and ordered its lawyers to take action at once against the Bell Company for infringement of the Gray patent.
de Villefort's, and lawyers always give you very bad dinners.
And now, I am a Frondeur -- not of Broussel's party, nor of Blancmesnil's, nor am I with Viole; but with the Duc de Beaufort, the Ducs de Bouillon and d'Elbeuf; with princes, not with presidents, councillors and low-born lawyers.
Never did rival lawyers, after a wrangle at the bar, meet with more social good humor at a circuit dinner.
But all the judges are alike for that, keeping a poor shirt up sometimes until midnight, listening to cursed dull lawyers, and prosy, caviling witnesses.
The village of Templeton at that time supported but two lawyers, one of whom was introduced to our readers in the bar-room of the “Bold Dragoon.
Pardon me, my Lady," he said, with that happy mixture of the positive and the polite in his manner, of which lawyers alone possess the secret.
He's a corporation lawyer, and corporation lawyers are not paid for being fools.
In the new public law courts he disliked the restrictions laid on the lawyers conducting cases.