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As All Mobile Video's Lenny Laxer points out, "if a backhoe comes through at the wrong time, you're toast.
Opponents, however, argued that requirements for obtaining a concealed handgun license are far laxer in other states, and consequently the bill would water down Oregon's carefully constructed gun laws.
This is also because of the laxer hardware minimum requirements of the platform.
His solution would seem to be a return to Reform Judaism's roots, which, though of course based on a laxer approach than what we would now call Orthodox Judaism, was in its own way as theologically rigorous.
the capital, and becomes laxer the further away 'the target' is from the center; hence, if the target is far from the capital but still receives attention, then it would be an ideal target.
Huber AM, Lam P-Y Duffy CM, Yeung RSM, Ditchfield M, Laxer D, et al.
Mubadala GE Capital represents a very important business for us here in the vibrant Middle East region where the need for growth capital will remain significant for many years to come," said Richard Laxer, president and chief executive officer, GE Capital, EMEA.
Laxer, James, Mission of Folly: Canada and Afghanistan (Toronto: Between the Lines Press, 2008)
The purchase of RBS's German factoring business corresponds to Ge Capital's strategic focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe, according to Rich Laxer, GE Capital's president and CEO.
Laxer also presents the conventional view that democracy is Western in origin without documenting some of the challenges to this view.
A report from the European Parliament's green group has argued EU industrialists have "seriously exaggerated" the risk of tough EU emissions controls causing "carbon leakage" where companies relocate outside the EU to jurisdictions with laxer greenhouse gas restrictions.
According to Rich Laxer, President and CEO of GE Capital EMEA, the transactions will cement GE Capital's position as a leading independent provider of accounts receivable financing solutions across Europe.