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power does not quickly materialize, Laxer argues that the crisis is ushering in the end of the era of neoliberal globalization in a more direct way.
Laxer, Gordon, Duncan Green, Trevor Harrison, and Dean Neu.
Salehi wrote that in one way the regime has taken a laxer approach to Ramadan this year.
And yet, from my reading, the rules have become laxer.
Legalization is a hot issue, and Science News' website, Facebook page and Twitter feed exploded with opinions from readers, many of whom argued for laxer laws on cannabis use.
This new, innovative product that is carried by the revolutionary “LIPODERM CORE” delivery system has been on the market since 2012 and was created by Leslie Laxer, a person who took action, because she needed a solution the same as your clients.
Akikusa JD, Schneider R, Harvey EA, Hebert D, Thorner PS, Laxer RM, et al.
Now, in line with overall laxer government oversight in Yemen, the shopkeeper admits to selling sirens to anyone who asks.
A 1995 special issue on globalization edited by Gordon Laxer featured both political-economic and constructionist approaches and included two studies focused partly on Canada, but the analytical object was clearly shifting beyond particular national borders.
But robust competition from European and emerging Asian suppliers--driven by price, laxer export controls and a.
Jo Shaw, from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN), said the rhinos that were killed this year in Limpopo probably crossed into Mozambique from Kruger in South Africa, citing that the laws for killing a rhino are much laxer in Mozambique than in South Africa.
Other observers argued that Russia is currently ahead of the United States in Internet monitoring because of is laxer privacy laws.