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Endowed by nature with great moral sensitiveness, he was nevertheless a person of violent impulses and had early fallen into profanity and laxity of conduct, which he later described with great exaggeration as a condition of abandoned wickedness.
Then, encouraged by this evidence of laxity in his officer, made bold to add, "A queer fish, sir.
And therefore let us put an end to such tales, lest they engender laxity of morals among the young.
That evening the papers teemed with glaring Jack-the-Strangler headlines, denouncing the brutality of the deed and complaining about the laxity of the police.
In that dreadful perturbation of mind and laxity of body, to what remedy did I apply?
Under the latter great wrong, a few suffered dreadfully--particularly on Sundays, when they had for some time expected the earth to open and swallow the public up; but which desirable event had not yet occurred, in consequence of some reprehensible laxity in the arrangements of the Universe.
Third, while orthopedic surgeons performing measurements on range of motion and laxity were blinded to HR data, identities of the pitchers were not withheld.
In light of the fact that he is playing and training at the top level of professional rugby, the medical experts have recommended the reconstruction in order to stabilise the laxity and offset further degenerative damage in the future.
Assessment of normal pediatric knee ligament laxity using the genucom.
This anatomical discrepancy predisposes the lateral canthus to develop laxity and phimosis with age (1).
KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai on Sunday ordered sacking commander of Zafar 207 military corps and another official of the army corps for laxity in their responsibilities and veiling realities in the heavy air raid in western Herat province.
The laxity of the Indian airport authorities and most of its corrupt officials, who are hand in hand with the drug mafia, is the real issue you should be concentrating on.