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Elaphandra is characterized by the technical characters of opposite, eglandular leaves; by sterile ray florets (when present); by ovate, eglandular anther appendages, these commonly black though sometimes tan within or distally; by erect or laxly recurved (not strongly coiled), papillose style branches; and by weakly pappose, rostrate (necked) cypselae, these without elaiosomes and without obvious carpopodia.
THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SEEKS to improve controls in laxly regulated jurisdictions where money launderers base their operations.
Four other states forbid giving free drinks to intoxicated customers, but in three of them, even that indulgent rule is laxly enforced with slap-on-the-wrist penalties.
Police began investigating the case after receiving an anonymous telephone call in February that Osawa had been dealing laxly with traffic violations.
In 1885, towards the end of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Taiwan was formally designated as a province of China, although it had been laxly administered as a prefecture of Fujian Province since 1684.
Here history is conceived as the expression of an absolute entity, to which Hegel refers to, somewhat laxly as Reason (Vernunft), Spirit (Geist), World Spirit (Weltgeist), Idea, Substance, Might (Macht), Divine Providence (gottliche Vorsehung).
How many more women will be "lost" to follow up once the standards and protocols are loosened and laxly enforced?
Whereas the movement of the early 1960s, represented by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, is seen as autonomous of the state, groups like the Black Panthers and National Welfare Rights Organization, which emerged in the middle 1960s, are derided for their supposed dependence on assistance from laxly managed federal agencies.
In chapter 3, Lettie Wenner carefully examines two hypotheses concerning the impact of the Reagan era on environmental regulation: that government agencies would enforce environmental laws more laxly and that courts dominated by Reagan appointees would be less sympathetic to environmental demands than were their predecessors.
Nevertheless, there is value to the Basle Accord, but in a different dimension: as a means of limiting the ability of governments implicitly to subsidize their banking systems by waiving (or laxly enforcing) minimum capital requirements.
For ever exquisitely defended Simpson, thousands of accused or convicted murderers are laxly defended.
No restrictions were adopted that would dramatically alter existing business practices, and those restrictions that were enacted were laxly enforced.