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Capituleseences terminal, laxly racemose to corymbose, on long peduncles; capitula pedunculate, heterogamous, disciform; receptacle epaleate; involucre uniseriate.
Leaves laxly spreading in a dense rosette, 50 to 80 in number: leaf sheaths ovate to broadly elliptic, 8-10 x 6-9 cm, castaneous especially adaxially, densely brown punctate-lepidote especially adaxially; leaf blades narrow triangular, attenuate, 25-40 x 2-3 cm, moderately coriaceous, densely punctate-lepidote especially abaxially, grey to grey-green.
Megasporophylls 30-50, laxly grouped, forming an oblate group 15-21 cm
It undermines the market," said Rover Deutschland managing director Mr Dieter Laxly.
subdensely to laxly spinose near the base), a comparatively shorter inflorescence [13-21(-30) cm vs.
1 mm thick near the base, thinly coriaceous mainly toward the base, suberect-arcuate, slightly channeled, dark green to slightly bronze colored, abaxially densely and coarsely white-lepidote with trichomes obscuring the color of the blade, finely nerved, adaxially subdensely white lepidote only at the base and glabrous toward the apex, apex long attenuate-caudate; margins laxly spinose, spines narrowly triangular, acicular and pale castaneous toward the apex, 0.
Scape erect, stiff, 30-100 cm x 2-5 mm, sparsely punctate-lepidote; scape bracts erect, laxly imbricate and exposing the upper internodes, very narrowly elliptic, subfoliaceous, punctate-lepidote, the uppermost reddish.
Inflorescence laxly paniculate, bipinnate, 25-47 x 15-22 cm, erect, primary bracts broadly ovate, 4045 x 30 mm, greenish to slightly purplish, suberect, distinctly shorter than the stipes, branches 2 to 5 in number (including the terminal one), the lateral ones (10-) 15-28 cm long, suberect, densely to subdensely flowered at anthesis, 6- to 10-flowered, rachis slightly flexuous, 1-2 x 0.
12, green, suberect, laxly rosulate, thinly subchartaceous, forming a narrow funnelform rosette; sheaths narrowly elliptic, 8-10.
Leaves rosulate, laxly spreading, 12 to 18 in number, 30-45 cm long, thin coriaceous.
Scape bracts narrowly elliptic, acute, laxly and variably serrate, laxly arranged distally, becoming dense proximally, red to orange-red.