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But the same laxness that allowed the ups has created a crash that is suddenly striking at the heart of the financial markets, threatening the pocketbooks of every American family.
In fact, one editorial was devoted to scolding the laxness of membership enforcement at the Union, one of Harvard's exclusive clubs.
A deeper kind of problem is an impressionistic laxness in argumentation, which keeps putting weight on shimmery evidence--for instance, to make a climactic claim about Elizabeth Talbot's Phaeton panel: "Instead of simply depicting women in a subordinate position, Talbot's Ovidian translation implicitly promotes their textual agency" (131).
The Nobel laureate from Iceland, Halldor Laxness, refused our invitation to attend the conference, claiming that he would :"throw up" if he had to wade through more heapings of alienation and commitment.
After all, energy researchers are dealing with an international bureaucracy here, which has been attacked in the past for laxness over grant awards.
Until the day he died, Mahfouz was the oldest living Nobel laureate in Literature and the third oldest of all time, trailing only Bertrand Russell and Halldor Laxness.
If you monitor employees' use of personal protective equipment, review accident and injury incident rates, and even observe employees' work habits, there will likely be laxness in following procedures.
The laxness is incredible because security was stepped up last year after the Australian builders Multiplex faced a pounds 27million blackmail bid - with a threat that crane drivers would be picked off by snipers.
He added: "This perhaps says more about the efficiency of the Newcastle City Council enforcement team, rather than the laxness of the company.
He called congressional laxness on interoperability "a national scandal.
Another plus was the defensive unit which had to withstand Boston's physical route one approach and the goal threat of Andy Kirk, who was granted enough space in the 15th minute to punish further Swansea set-piece laxness on the back of Wycombe's comeback and Reading's FA Cup winner.