lay charges against

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He said he will lay charges against British Airways because it refused to reimburse his first-class tickets as well as didn't reroute the travelers from Grenada to Granada.
His answer is that he'd be happy to talk to them in London, but that if he goes to Sweden the United States will lay charges against him (it hasn't done so yet) and demand his extradition.
He says he'd be happy to talk to them in London, but that if he goes to Sweden, the US will lay charges against him - it hasn't done so yet - and demand his extradition.
The department would not lay charges against offenders but would amend the policy dictating remunerated work outside the public service.
Robin Alexander said he believes the prosecutor will lay charges against the Rainbow Tobacco Company and possibly the band council politicians involved with the shipment.
She said she hoped countries would pressure the US government to lay charges against Facebook for "criminal negligence" in hosting child porn groups and enabling the swapping of child porn.
The MPs added: "We, along with many of our constituents, were amazed, shocked and indeed worried to learn that the police have been unable to present sufficient evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service on which it could lay charges against any of the 12 men arrested.
10 MNR enforcement supervisor Dave Harnish arrived at the band's office to lay charges against the chief and three band members.
Yet, police invariably refuse to arrest or lay charges against any perpetrators.
His views were echoed by Shadow defence spokesman Gerald Howarth, who called for the authorities to lay charges against Butt.
Police had previously claimed there was insufficient evidence to lay charges against him.
Poverty on reserve has the potential to create an atmosphere for crime, however it also could be creating a situation in which Cochrane RCMP officers perceive that if they go to the reserve they are more likely to find someone they can lay charges against.