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There we found delicious fruits, and having satisfied our hunger we presently lay down to rest upon the shore.
The evening passed in song and laughter, and when darkness fell the Danes lay down to rest in the hall as of old.
Though he lay down in the entrance and slept, his sleep was fitful.
Night fell upon us before we reached our goal, and, almost fainting from weariness and weakness, we lay down and slept.
On the morning of the fourth day the Arabs were compelled to shoot two of their blacks before they could compel the balance to take up the hated ivory, and as they did so a voice rang out, clear and strong, from the jungle: "Today you die, oh, Manyuema, unless you lay down the ivory.
It would have made any man shed tears, in spite of the firmest resolution, to have seen the first transports of this poor fellow's joy when he came to his father: how he embraced him, kissed him, stroked his face, took him up in his arms, set him down upon a tree, and lay down by him; then stood and looked at him, as any one would look at a strange picture, for a quarter of an hour together; then lay down on the ground, and stroked his legs, and kissed them, and then got up again and stared at him; one would have thought the fellow bewitched.
Slowly he came quite close to me, sniffed at my shoes, my puttees, my hands, and then limped off a few feet and lay down again.
Then, overcome by fatigue, I lay down among some straw and fell asleep.
And yet she lay down, with nothing between her and the sky; and, with no fear for herself, for she was past it now, put up a prayer for the poor old man.
It was very late when the ape-man re-entered the boma and lay down among his black warriors.
Clare then lay down on the ground alongside, when he immediately fell into the deep dead slumber of exhaustion, and remained motionless as a log.
When she lay down to sleep, and not before, I returned to my guardian to say good night, and then I came back to Ada and sat near her for a little while.