lay off

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Daimler's North America truck unit is planning to lay off 550 workers at its Cleveland, North Carolina, assembly plant.
The 6599-circulation paper said it would not lay off any workers because of the reduction of printing days.
Garda Security notified staff that the lay offs will be effective from 25 January 2012 and the public is being advised to consider an alternative form of travel.
14 December 2010 - Finnish software and hardware developer Elektrobit Oyj (HEL: EBC1V), or EB, said yesterday it will lay off 60 employees at its subsidiaries Elektrobit Wireless Communications and Elektrobit Corp in Finland after staff negotiations.
What is the situation when the written contract of employment allows him/her to lay off employees?
Managing director Dafydd Parry said yesterday that he hopes that the lay offs will last for about a month and that the staff can be taken on again in February or March.
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) has announced that it is planning to lay off workers.
Separately, there are rumors that the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) plans to lay off 40 percent of its employees and to freeze a number of TV programs, in order to economize on costs, ASHARQ AL AWSAT said.
The survey, by the US-based Human Capital Institute of more than 300 global corporate executives, has produced advice on best and worst practice to lay off workers.
It is a lay off situation in order to control costs until such time we have been able to generate more sales.
Truck manufacturer Volvo says it will lay off 600 workers at its Hagerstown plant in the first half of 2007.
Stanley's original management began to lay off blue-collar workers only after long and painful talks with the workers' union and civic leaders.