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TWENTY four of match angling's finest will line the banks of the Avon at Evesham on Wednesday and everyone in the field has such impressive credentials that no-one is laying odds as to who will finish in the top three.
It's not often the camel hen it coats make a mistake when it comes to laying odds and to be honest it's not often I notice when they do.
The bookies were laying odds of: 5-2 ear, 4-1 thumb, 5-1 nipple and 33-1 John Thomas.
The SIS reporters in the press room were laying odds after every race that the meeting would be abandoned but did their money.
Yesterday, bookmaker Paddy Power was giving odds of 4-9 that the referendum would be carried and laying odds of 13-8 that it would not.
Let's put it this way, I wouldn't like to be a bookie laying odds on it.
Paddy Power are also laying odds of only 4-6 he will make it to the throne as next ruler, with Prince William at 11-10 and Prince Harry at 20-1.
Schreck said that rumours were already rife that many trainers and jockeys had been earning plenty from laying odds on their horses to lose, or having a third party do it on their behalf.
And in the ultimate humiliation, bookies are laying odds they'll be knocked off the Christmas No.
PETER Mandelson's shock return has got bookies laying odds on other unlikely comebacks.
Nobody could sort them out crossing the line and the bookies were laying odds about all six in betting on the result of the photo.
That's not easy when bookies are laying odds that they will get back together - just like William's dad and Camilla Parker-Bowles did.