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Dividing the island into "sick" and "healthy" zones, he set up a new hospital area at the eastern end of the island for the healthy and oversaw the rapid construction of a dozen pre-fabricated wooden hospital sheds -- of which the Lazaretto is the sole remaining example.
New lazarettos were planned at western ports, and an extensive structure was established near Bordeaux, France (26).
WHILE converting a traditional farmhouse in Tuscany the owner of Casa Failte di Lazaretto clearly had modern families in mind, installing a Playstation 2 and a DVD player along with all the other amenities.
When the Black Death cast its deadly shadow across Europe, the island between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon was used as a lazaretto (a hospital for those with infectious diseases) and a plague pit.
Restricted competition of project management on preliminary design (APS) for the rationalization and modernization of three marine parks hydrocarbons depositing species (Dema) of Toulon located on the right-of-Arena, Missiessy and Lazaretto.
His latest record, and second solo album, Lazaretto, dispelled any fears that White simply might not have anything left in the tank.
Tinicum Township, Delaware County -- $50,000 to conduct a feasibility study to determine the best adaptive uses and costs associated with the rehabilitation of the historic Lazaretto Compound on the Delaware River.
JACK White's new album Lazaretto has shifted 40,000 copies in its first week - setting a record for vinyl sales.
Total quantity or scope: The area extends to clean the beach of Lazaretto limits Marseillan.
Having released his eagerly-awaited second album Lazaretto earlier this month, White will be playing a series of arena dates in November.
Contract awarded for To safeguard the plant and found in recinto fiscal located on lazaretto street no.