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Just to be clear: the sort of laziness to encourage is not the slobbish variety that means you do bad work.
On the other hand, laziness and doing nothing are unhealthy; they may not kill us directly, but they can hasten our demise.
Instead of climbing up and down the cliff from his cave to the stream in the valley and back again every time he felt thirsty, the bucket let him enjoy the very first luxury of laziness.
As a professional driver I spend a lot of hours on the road and have seen a distinct laziness in the locale of Anglesey and Gwynedd.
Not a derogatory term, laziness validly describes the reluctance or unwillingness to work, and leaders should call it out for what it is.
Karachi, Apr 12( ANI ): Karachi Zebras player Danish Kaneria has blasted laziness as being the factor behind match-fixing allegations levelled against him by the team manager.
LOVE LIFE THURSDAY ITV1 9pm Rob James-Collier takes a break from playing the Downton baddy Thomas to star as a backpacker who comes home to find his former girlfriend is the bearer of some surprising news MARY'S BOTTOM LINE THURSDAY C4, 9pm Mary Portas says knickers to laziness and defeatism as she continues her one-woman campaign to get Britain working by opening a factory to make underwear RETURN TO THE FALKLANDS TUESDAY ITV1, 9pm Simon Weston, the Welsh Guardsman who became the face of the Falklands War after suffering devastating burns when the Sir Galahad was destroyed, confronts his past for the 30th anniversary.
Once your mind picks this up it will encourage you to get cracking rather than encouraging laziness.
Laziness and indifference certainly play a part but when some three-quarters of our laws originate in Brussels it certainly cannot help to arouse the interest and imagination of the electorate.
Lady Gaga certainly can't be accused of laziness - the workaholic singer plans to release her third album before the end of 2010.
state ot from Iam already not a - All too often cats are put out at night, either as misplaced 'tradition' or the laziness of its owner