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ICM was in breach of rule 33(d) of the code of conduct relating to leading questions.
Leading questions provide a powerful advantage over nonleading questions.
If you slip up and use leading questions, opposing counsel can object.
He will ask a leading question that allows the subject to choose one of two answers, both of which constitute a benchmark admission, but one of which portrays the subject in a bad moral light: Mr.
There's a conference: one topic has been: 'Yet another non-American Pritzker winner,' with the leading question 'How can American architects such as Thom Mayne be overlooked for so long?
It is the leading question for functional leg length discrepancy, which along with actual leg length discrepancy are risk factors for Iliotibial Band Syndrome.
The leading question for Fed policymakers after any change in Fed Funds rate: How have the markets reacted?
The problem Bell sees is how sexual harassment should be defined - which, in our research, seems to be the leading question asked in every country, certainly not just in France.
A leading question among liver specialists during the past decade had been the relative value of the DSRS and scleropathy in preventing recurrent variceal bleeding.
A leading question is one that implies that the answer is already known.
Among this year's winners was ChaCha, the leading question and answer site, which responds to queries on a range of topics including politics, culture, entertainment and sports.
May I pose a second leading question - which may also give food for thought.