league together

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What I would love to do is to do this and the Champions League together.
But with the European Cup and the Celtic League together you have significant games.
Bringing the National League and the Irish League together would, he insisted, capture the public's imagination and television audiences.
We came up to this league together, so we know a bit about each other,' said Keith Jervis, the Bees chairman of rugby.
Carlos Tevez Aguero have goals between their three league together season.
The pair would go out drinking and go to watch football and rugby league together.
Now we have got to the Premier League together and I am delighted with that.
QSL and the CBA will promote, reform, and exclusively manage the professional basketball league together.
Boro and Manchester United legend Gary Pallister said: "I met Andy when I was a young lad at Billingham Town and we played in the Northern League together for 18 months.
I think we're interested in keeping the league together and we don't care whether its 6A or 5A," Churchill athletic director Tim Carmichael said.