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In a tweet, Greenwald wrote that the existence of a second leaker after Snowden seemed "clear at this point.
and besides, the fugitive leaker never entered Russian territory proper from the airport transit zone.
Americans are divided as to whether the self-confessed leaker, Edward Snowden, is a hero or a villain, while one-third of Americans fault the press for advancing the story.
But after eight months of intensive effort, it appears that they still could not identify the leaker.
He would go on to become a notorious leaker under Reagan and Clinton, too.
Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday that he spoke with Snowden over the weekend, and as recently as Tuesday, and that the leaker denied claims that he passed classified information to Russia or China.
Ecuador could take weeks to decide on an asylum bid by fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, the South American country's foreign minister Ricardo Patino told reporters on Wednesday.
Using the combination of low temperature toughness, puncture and abrasion resistance offered by Surlyn, Nordpak demonstrated that their new multi-layer structure could reduce the leaker rate by up to 50% as against traditional polyethylene-based structures.
Brian Leaker, commercial director of north London railways, said it was normal practice for the trains to cross at the point south of Watford station.
Woodward seems to have sped up the cycle through his own "Deep Throat" reputation for stony secrecy about his sources and by working with so many sources that much of the information can't be traced to a single leaker.
The prolific leaker Evleaks published the photo, which, aside from showing the device with a white back, appears to be almost identical to images of the device that were briefly published by Google earlier this month, the Verge reports.
The Associated Press reported on Tuesday morning that NSA leaker Edward Snowden has accepted the asylum offer made by Venezuelan President NicolA s Maduro -- based on a tweet by senior Russian politician Alexey Pushkov that assured the whistleblower was indeed going to Venezuela.