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For complete details about content, instructors, discounts, and to register, go to the Education pages at lean.
The September 2008 column on "Becoming Lean" is ranked fourth out of 12 titles currently listed under Books Computers & Internet Lean Manufacturing.
Lean is a technique that has been embraced by all branches of the military.
The Center for Lean Practices provides consulting, training, publications and a speaker's bureau specifically for the printing industry.
Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two business-improvement systems, Lean and Six Sigma.
Lean Six Sigma is a fusion of lean efficiency engineering and six sgma quality control.
While Six Sigma focuses on reducing product defects, Lean production techniques focus on reducing project cycle time, and on eliminating inefficiency in project cycles.
Session 1 -- The Rationale for Lean Manufacturing in a Global Economy
Gugger, who has overseen many lean migrations, says leadership remains the key in making a commitment to lean.
Your lean becomes your gas pedal: Lean more to go faster, less to slow down.
More and more, the concepts of lean manufacturing are making their way into the supply chain space (for example, see "How Delphi Went Lean" in the November-December 2004 issue of Supply Chain Management Review).