lean toward

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She wanted to lean toward this burning, blazing man that was like a volcano spouting forth strength, robustness, and health.
About 16% of the independents who lean toward the Republicans, 39% of the independents who lean toward neither party, and 74% of the independents who lean toward the Democrats said they approved of the PPACA ruling.
Only a partisan from the very distant fringes of the left side of the political spectrum would conclude that media reports on global warming lean toward skepticism.
One such technique is learning how to triangulate alternative media--rather than accepting any one alternative media's viewpoint as gospel, consult multiple alternative media known to lean toward different sides of the issue and compare their stories.
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We lean toward overkill," he says, but adds that his products have to last.
Before the Police Commission decided behind closed doors to withhold from the public the names of officers who are accused of using serious force, city lawyers advised the panelists that the law is unsettled and they could lean toward officer privacy or public transparency, according to a confidential legal memo obtained Friday.
And when we, as preachers, dare to lean toward our congregation with stories of what is private and personal, our congregants will lean toward us as well.
The Senate is likely to approve changes that lean toward Raines' call to address safety concerns while retaining Fannie's ability to offer new housing programs.
Various parts of past Supreme Court cases lean toward Hiibel's side of the argument, but it's not clear whether he'll prevail.
The more you lean toward dependence on email for communications, the worse people will become at understanding what you have written.
If you still subscribe to the Darwinian notion of sexual competition, which holds that only males are promiscuous by nature while females lean toward monogamy, then you are woefully behind the advances in the field of sexual physiology and selection, Birkhead believes.