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The Leansafe Ladder can be leaned against a variety of surfaces while retaining its functionality as a traditional step model.
Later, when his parents admonished him, he said indignantly: "I didn't bite him - he leaned against my teeth
The sustained onslaught, during which Scott leaned against a wall and Ms Harles car to steady himself to stamp repeatedly on her face, happened on January 11 - just three weeks after he had been released from jail.
Two leaned against the wall, six others rested on pedestals--unadorned, immobile, and functionless.
One of the men was carrying a 6ft by 4ft piece of plywood which he leaned against the counter to block the view of the cashier next to them.
Wheezing, he leaned against the door-frame, gazing into the kitchen.
A down-sized instrument leaned against a couch, waiting to be practiced.