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Below the eye-poppin' book-title signage, large color photos of building signs which, due to urban wear and tear have lost their lettering, leaned against the wall.
We had to get some chicken noodle soup,'' said Jay as he leaned against blue laminated metal stand-up tables a few hours later, at lunchtime.
The smooth laminate was carefully trimmed to the edges of the supports, and the pieces - painted either in the brown, yellow, and ochre "earth tones" of '70s interiors or in "bicentennial" reds, whites, and blues - leaned against the wall.
SIMI VALLEY - Dana Robinson leaned against a sapling and watched as her young sons ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Chee-tos after playing at Old Windmill Park near their neighborhood.
The top tier of panels stood in uniform alignment, attached to one another by joints, whereas those of the lower tier were directly joined in sections of four that overlapped and leaned against one another while balancing on their left edge, raising most of the section off the floor.
Later, Maxwell leaned against the counter helping customer Andre Amos of Hollywood figure out a solution for Storey, Amos' 3-year-old Himalayan cat who had been upsetting the household with unpleasant behaviors, including refusing to use the litter box.
The strong green and blue painted on the wall in the corner of the space--playing on the "spice/ice" pun of the title and splitting the room into warm and cold halves--continued on a board that leaned against the wall.
The woman, dressed in a lemon-colored sun dress and matching floppy hat, leaned against the frame and pointed outside.
On that extra point, Andy Rice (of the Chiefs) leaned against me with six ounces of force and groaned.