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Tweet this: Massdiscounters live w@JDASoftware cloud enabled Demand and Fulfillment solutions for improved & leaner #supplychain processes.
According to the National Pork Board's Web site, "Today's pork producer combines genetics with improved production techniques and technology to deliver the leaner pork consumers demand.
LEANER ON ME: Frankie and Catherine stroll along the beach; FRANKIE, MY DEAR: Catherine gazes adoringly at her husband
If you use the corporate model, downsizing sometimes makes you leaner and meaner, sometimes it leaves you smaller.
8 What other lessons might you share to make the most of being a leaner organization?
Some elements of the contract, such as welfare reform, a balanced-budget amendment and proposed changes to the crime bill, will only result in leaner resources and meaner streets, as many mayors know.
In their place was something much leaner, a sequence of sculptures that reflect a pared-down and desiccating vision, seemingly the residue of the artist's determination to probe and experiment.
London, March 3 (ANI): Scientists have claimed that football sides are more successful if their best players are taller and leaner.
LOS ANGELES, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Offering an alternative to fatty and unhealthy coffee creamers, Java Solutions today announces the launch of Leaner Coffee Creamer, a dairy-free coffee creamer to start your day off with a weight-loss boost.
Over the last 40 years, the percentage of people with high cholesterol dropped more among overweight or obese than among leaner Americans, CDC researchers reported.
As the actual controller, McClintock would be ideally situated for his passion of making state government leaner and more honest.
The child is leaner at five years old and has better early neurodevelopment.