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To help guide credit unions looking to operate as leanly as possible in these challenging economic times, the Credit Union Executives Society has released a series of cost-control manuals.
By that, I mean some hotels, for instance, are simply staffed more leanly than another hotel in a different price point and different set of amenities.
For leanly staffed organizations, like many rural telcos, the marketing, training and operational support are icing on the cake.
In order to compete, we have to work as leanly as we can.
Neighboring Burbank - which has three Armenian officers out of 159 sworn personnel - said its focus is overall hiring for its leanly staffed department.
In the dramatic scene of the conflagration of the barn which houses Addie's coffin, Jewel's heroic rescue of his mother's corpse is satirically rendered by Darl, who sees him as "a flat figure cut leanly from tin" (218).
Because the bulk sales from old to new chains typically have involved a large number of leanly run "mature papers" in no- to slow-growth communities, the only way the new owners can increase revenue is to find fresh properties and cut costs.
Foundation Source enables her to run her foundation leanly and efficiently without building a bureaucracy or hiring a huge staff.
They started the firm to practice a style of complex litigation that is extinct in large firms: streamlined; leanly staffed; as speedy as the court will permit; planned to culminate not in motion practice but in trials; and, whenever possible, rewarded by success in litigation itself, rather than in the sale of billable hours to clients.
Areas with a greater number of apartments and starter homes are likely to face a difficult 12 months with properties having to be priced leanly to attract sufficient activity and to appeal to cash-strapped first-time buyers.
The challenge for us is that we are leanly staffed and not all employees may be able to take advantage of it.