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In either ease, leanly staffed counselor education programs typically appreciate having skilled MHCs available, particularly for clinical courses like counseling skills, pre-practicum, practicum and internship, and other specialty topics.
Today's organizations are staffed leanly, and employees are asked to learn new skills, deliver a quality customer experience and work more efficiently while budgets for bonuses and incentive pay may be reduced or eliminated.
As we are learning through our Center for Priority Based Budgeting program, local governments are quite frankly learning to operate differently, which invariably means more leanly.
There is so much interest at every level in the payments sector, and the companies that build leanly and intelligently are likely to win.
Much of it has been related to the fact that the University of Oregon has for many years been very leanly staffed in terms of its administrative support," she said.
It takes people to run programs and it is more efficient in many cases to add staff, rather than running it so leanly that a program's potential is thwarted from its inception.
We will have to run our college as leanly as possible.
Another reason layoffs have become a rarity is that, according to Andrews, most credit unions tend to operate very leanly from the start.
So we're trying to run as leanly and as effectively as we can.
s book is a model of presentation: symmetrically organized, leanly written as far as its topic permits, and entirely lacking in obfuscation.
perceived incapacity of leanly staffed organizations to gather and act