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The most important part about taking that leap of faith is actually making the decision to do so, then fully committing to it.
Similarly, we can criticize as naive Bazin's willingness to invest belief in the image as reality, but we can also identify with a dying man's leap of faith, especially when we realize that it is essentially no different from our own everyday psychic and affective investments in the cinema.
You too have taken a leap of faith each month, simply assuming that the information is correct, the stories accurate and timely, the advice relevant.
It's a leap of faith, certainly, but this management approach makes success very probable.
Anyone willing to take this leap of faith and accept the bill will soon find collectors offering him thousands of Treasury-approved dollars for it.
As such, a consumer must be willing to take a leap of faith when ordering from a site for the first time.
We're taking a leap of faith - we'll spend $20 million getting the measurements in place for some of the key things we want to improve.
Instead, she had a leap of faith and "realized that God's love was truly meant for me.
Perhaps even more important is that in taking the truths of our Catholic religion for granted, we have not taken the leap of faith upon which all of them are grounded.
That between the lute rose and the rose window of the Gothic cathedral requires a leap of faith, and Wells' use of iconographic evidence here provides less support than elsewhere.
Leap of Faith is the usual mugwumpery that results every time Hollywood decides to deal with religion.
Fine, but for those who might still be in the loop of oppression, a leap of faith needs to happen.