learn of

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But this, I said, is a laborious study, and therefore we had better go and learn of them; and they will tell us whether there are any other applications of these sciences.
The humblest flower that grows is visited by our messengers, and often blooms in fragrant beauty unknown, unloved by all save Fairy friends, who seek to fill the spirits with all sweet and gentle virtues, that they may not be useless on the earth; for the noblest mortals stoop to learn of flowers.
Yet teachers, particularly those in the United States, are quick to rescue students and typically present full information so that students are able solve problems (Stigler & Hiebert, 1999) without actually doing a great deal of critical thinking of fact finding on their own; therefore, opportunities to teach students how to learn of to solve problems based on relationships, assumptions, or a deeper understanding of the concepts or content is thwarted of lost altogether.