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We will learn the answer to this, the most critical question of the coming elections, on April 7.
So, if you want to learn the answer to the question "Can this be recycled?
We will learn the answer on October 19, which is late enough in the year to remain a worry in itself.
Of course, you'll learn the answer after watching this riveting piece of investigation, but you won't feel any better for the knowledge.
with a blank underneath so one can learn the answer and write it down for quick reference later).
Viewers will have to wait for the third and final instalment, The Return of the King, to learn the answer.
Johnston should learn the answer next month when Fruits Of Love has a crack at the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes for which he is 7-1 (from 20) with Coral.
in Jacksonville, Florida, his retirement planning workshops attract hundreds of retirees all looking to learn the answer to that question.
Agoura has to keep waiting to learn the answer to that question, but the way the 18-and-under team's ever-changing lineup is playing, Agoura is confident in its ability to advance deep in the playoffs.
The Wildcats did not learn the answer to the third question - how would they react to late-game pressure - until the final minutes.
They are here to celebrate the wedding of the Goddess Selena and finally to learn the answer to their lifelong search for the meaning of human existence.