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The learned man was not at all in the most enviable state; grief and torment followed him, and what he said about the true, and the good, and the beautiful, was, to most persons, like roses for a cow
said his friends to him; and the learned man trembled, for he thought of it.
Now the learned man didn't think much about that; he was a very kind-hearted man, and particularly mild and friendly, and so he said one day to the shadow: "As we have now become companions, and in this way have grown up together from childhood, shall we not drink 'thou' together, it is more familiar?
You, as a learned man, certainly know how strange nature is.
So she went to the learned man by the door, and she spoke to him about the sun and the moon, and about persons out of and in the world, and he answered with wisdom and prudence.
Listen, my good friend," said the shadow to the learned man.
The learned man heard nothing of all this--for they had deprived him of life.
Effective Online Teacher Preparation: Lessons Learned.
In our grandparents' day--or even our parents'--what we learned in school was reasonably expected to provide us with useful information for a lifetime.
1999; Valerius & Hamilton, 2001); service-learning can help students model the concepts they have learned in class as well as show the students that the material they are learning is directly applicable to real-world situations.
There is no formalized process for capturing and documenting what was learned so that this knowledge can serve as an input into the next project or query.
Future activities include sharing lessons learned, collaborating as subject matter experts, participating in rotational assignments, and a regional learning organization conference.