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The Legislature hereby declares that the practice of nursing is a learned profession affecting the safety, health and welfare of the public and is subject to regulation to protect the public from the practice of nursing by unqualified and unlicensed persons and from unprofessional conduct by persons licensed to practice nursing.
Several state courts have created a subjective test to determine the applicability of a little FTC act: If the licensed professional is engaged in an "entrepreneurial activity," then the conduct falls within the scope of the little FTC act; if the activity involves the learned profession itself, then the little FTC act does not apply.
I really expected better of our learned profession than to relegate competence to any measure of chronological age," wrote one lawyer.
Medicine, then, is better seen as the model, not of a learned profession, but of a caring profession.
The Foundation's mission is to advance nursing as a learned profession through education, research and scholarships.
I really expected better of our learned profession than to relate competence to any measure of chronological age.
Build a learned profession for the future by purposeful integration of accounting research, education, and practice for students, accounting practitioners, and educators.
What had been an academic occupation in one generation had become a learned profession in another.
The practice of law "has been treated with kid gloves, as a learned profession that must be insulated from the more vulgar mores of the marketplace by rules of legal ethics," according to Professor Richard A.
1) Flexner's expose of the practitioner-dominated medical diploma mills that flourished at the turn of the century was the critical step in making American doctors members of a learned profession.
COMMITMENT TO PROFESSIONAL SELF DEVELOPMENT, referring to "obligations of members of a learned profession .
And when one turns his cynicism on his own learned profession, he is just as close to the mark.