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It was driven at speed on Maritime Way, Portrack Lane, the A19 flyover, the A66 eastbound and then on to Marton Road, before eventually colliding with a red Mini, driven by a learner driver, just after the roundabout on Longlands Road.
The instructor initially claimed the learner driver was a friend and that the money was a gift.
There are currently around 18 Learner Driver Mentor Programs across Tasmania and this funding will be used for grants to help these programs establish, consolidate or expand their services.
OnRoad Driving School, which operates in NSW especially in Sydney and suburbs, is one of the fastest growing driving schools in the Sydney with over 15 franchisee driving instructors on the roads and achieving milestone of 2500 passed and growing list of learner drivers.
The learner driver was with a 40-year-old woman passenger who initially claimed she had been driving.
RE Trevor Roberts''s letter about taking learner drivers out for lessons in the bad weather.
5 million over three years to continue to support the Learner Driver Mentor Program beyond the current funding model.
Learner drivers are banned from the motorway and must be supervised at all times.
Next time you see a forty plus female in a learner driver car beep away as you will not intimidate me, only make me think what a bad driver you are and you should be having lessons yourself.
You can slash costs substantially with specialist learner driver cover that a number of insurers offer.
FORTY-five unaccompanied learner drivers were involved in fatal collisions in the past three years.
But when he came up behind a learner driver, Paul Reeves abandoned the car and ran off, but was arrested shortly afterwards.