least amount

See: minimum
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And even more strikingly, minority-ownedfirms, which on average have the least amount of experience, were hardest hit.
Selvan continued, "Intellitech has created a good balance between tool automation and low cost outsourced test program development that gets customers up and running with comprehensive tests with the least amount of hassle.
They rank second with the most games played on the road (20) and second for least amount of home games with 12.
Our primary interest is to have the least amount of shares outstanding as we move towards the OTCBB, and to make sure that there is no significant shorting of our shares, and if so to stop it immediately.
For much of the game, Taft played as though the object was to put up the most shots in the least amount of time.
The company is committed to having the least amount of free trading shares as possible and as the company generates more revenue, it will continue to buy more of its shares back as possible on the open market, as the company's business plan going forward to the OTCBB is to as little shares in the public's hands as possible.
The season before, it was 17 times in 30 starts as he led the league in least amount of run support.
The GM 180's new extruder screw is said to allow for over 20% more capacity while using the least amount of energy to convert waste material into a high-quality product with the least amount of degradation possible.
3 years--and they earn the least amount of credits (73) in doing so.
5g a day - had lower chances of heart attacks and stroke than those who ate the least amount.
They had to get there in the least amount of time spending the least amount of money.
SMALL car owners lost the least amount of money in terms of depreciation in 2006, according to the latest research from Parker's Car Guides.