leave no trace

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Let us steal away to-morrow morning--early and softly, that we may not be seen or heard--and leave no trace or track for them to follow by.
While Leave No Trace is utilized by parks and protected areas throughout the country, many people are still unfamiliar with the ethic.
The primary objective of the Leave No Trace program is to help people understand how impacts to the landscape are created and how those impacts can be minimized.
Leave No Trace information is rooted in scientific studies and common sense.
From attending trainings to utilizing educational and training resources to simply teaching campers about the environment, Leave No Trace offers a variety of programs specifically geared to youth--whether they are on a day hike at camp or a month-long mountaineering expedition.
But no matter how dutiful the Leave No Trace backpacker, the ecology of the nation's wilderness areas remains at risk.
Minimize physical impact: follow the Leave No Trace principles for wilderness travel as carefully as possible.
We are proud to partner with Leave No Trace and other sponsors in this important effort to educate outdoor enthusiasts with skills and messages to help minimize impacts on America's precious resources.
The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a national nonprofit organization that unites public and private partners to teach minimum-impact skills and ethics to all types of outdoor enthusiasts.
The Leave No Trace principles enclosed in the gift card folder provides useful information about outdoor stewardship for the recipient.
This project brings together REI's long-held interest in responsible use of the outdoors with the expertise of the Leave No Trace organization.
For a detailed explanation of the seven principles, more information on planning minimum-impact outdoor excursions, or information about the Traveling Trainers, visit the Leave No Trace website at www.