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In my Canadian migration, I had brought with me raw sensibilities that responded to the author of The Dark, the pariah of the mid-century Catholic culture, and the author of The Leavetaking, who understood why one might have to leave Ireland for one's spiritual and moral survival.
His reliance on scenic refrains is observable even before the publication of his third novel, The Leavetaking.
The authors' analysis uses March Current Population Survey data from 1999 through 2010 and a difference-in-differences approach to compare the leavetaking experiences of mothers with infants or young children before and after the PFL program was implemented in California with the leavetaking experiences of control groups alternately consisting of women with older children, childless women, men with noninfant children, or new mothers living in other states.
The Leavetaking (1974; revised edition 1984) and The Pornographer (1979) are centred in the city (Dublin and London), but both turn for psychological depth and ethical orientation to remembered scenes set in the Roscommon countryside.
In his narration of the drama at the same time as he plays a part in it, together with his final, self-centered leavetaking from the domestic misery-cum-menage of his mother and sister for ocean going as well as artistic adventure, Tom Wingfield owns that distinction.
Revealing its origins in a novel unfinished by Nolot, Pays consists of three chapters: Jacques's arrival, up to his mother's death (and the shocking sequence of the washing and dressing of her corpse, which culminates in a reverse pieta); the funeral and various encounters and confrontations with family and villagers, in which secrets are revealed that overturn Jacques's grasp of his past; and, finally, Jacques's delayed leavetaking, including the sudden interjection of a remembered adolescent fantasy involving rugby players and bullfighters, locked in homoerotic rites, their tight pants revealing what French alliteratively elides as la queue et les couilles, otherwise known as cock and balls.
The author's other works include That They May Face The Rising Sun, The Barracks, The Leavetaking, and Amongst Women, which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1990 and filmed as a television mini series.
Matthew Bramble's letter of 12 June describes a leavetaking scene between his sister Tabitha and a relative, Lady Griskin, in which the two women make ostentatious curtseys while privately cursing one another: "The expression of these two faces, while they continued in this attitude would be no bad subject for a pencil like that of the incomparable Hogarth, if any such should ever appear again, in these times of dulness and degeneracy" (135).
Some years ago the Lindsays were quartet in residence at the Festival, and it is certain that this will be an emotional leavetaking.
Yet even as he makes it, the scene of leavetaking returns to him, and the poem moves to its uneasy conclusion:
It evokes once again the beginning of the novel (and so imitates the repetition of the "Aria" at the end of Bach's Goldberg Variationen): the leavetaking between Goldberg and his friend Hammond on the former's arrival on Westfield's estate.