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But the tension between him and Tosca that should be generated by his devious, lecherous character was taut but not dangerously threatening.
The Knight of Knights (1966), a particularly rich mix, pits a masked hero against a conclave of corrupt and lecherous monks (the sustained leering grin of the foremost lecher is something to see) who keep abducted women prisoner in their monastery while plotting to assassinate a magistrate by toppling his pagoda into the sea.
As most dangerous worldly vices come from and are connected to women, many dramas show lecherous women living in permanent fornication and thus sending men to Hell.
These sex scandals do not involve shocking exposes of illicit activities, of lecherous professors preying on innocent students or undergrads holding drunken orgies in dorms and fraternity houses.
Nevertheless, amid the mud and dung, her dignity and resolution rarely waver, and she becomes oddly nurturing and protective for the clownish bumpkins Cane portrays with affection, no matter how greedy and lecherous they might be.
Enablers, Scapegoats, and Lecherous Fathers: The Family's Role in "The Juniper Tree" and "Allerleirauh.
And, indeed, the image of lecherous executives lining up at Victoria's Secret to buy their office sweetheart a skimpy G-string probably wouldn't exactly go over well.
With Johnny Depp in a dual role--as a smuggling drag queen and a lecherous police official--Julian Schnabel's Before Night Falls was the surprise hit of the Venice film festival in September.
Brought to the stage by Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (PVLA), this tale of a two-timing lover, his jilted fiance and a lecherous judge will appear in court during lunchtime for a four-week run starting October 25.
Soprano Sumi Jo sings sweetly as the beleaguered heroine forced into a marriage not of her choosing; Michel Trempont is delightful as the lecherous, old, retired toreador husband; and John Aler is solid as the scheming lover.
Years ago, the corrupt and lecherous Judge Turpin ousted Sweeney Todd, a celebrated barber, from London.
Habeas Corpus,'' a comedy by Great Britain's Alan Bennett, reeks of skirt- and trouser-chasing in every corner of the lecherous Dr.