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27) The play moves quickly through the period of Mary's temptation, reminding us that it is her grief that leaves her open to despair and temptation: she tells Lechery, who is disguised as a servant girl, "for my father I haue had grett heuynesse--/whan I remembyr, my mynd waxit mort" (454-55).
Instead Book III includes a series of representations of desire: desire as courtly dalliance at the Castle Joyeux (III I); desire as lechery in the fornication of Hellenore and Paridell (III x); desire as perversion in the importunities of the monsters Argante and Oliphant; desire as a procreative force in the Garden of Adonis (III vi); desire as infatuation in the Tapestries and the Masque of Cupid (III xi--xii).
Despite, the increasing popularity of lesbianism in recent times especially in the West, the practice continued to receive condemnation as it did during the Middle age when it was considered shameful, an offence on nature and a sin of lechery.
The curtain parted to reveal a member of the troupe standing in a glittering kuffiyya and sunglasses, his thawb pulled up to his thighs, occasionally emitting a chuckle that at once suggested lechery and dim-wittedness.
The Leader said even the most radical feministic views in the West are hitting a blow at women because they have turned women into an instrument for men's lust and lechery.
Lechery, abduction, and conversion were not just extraordinary events, or a thing of the bad medieval past, but average fellow Muslims in the present were depicted as being involved.
But Oscar-winning actor Irons said that despite the corruption, poisonings and lechery portrayed in the new TV series, audiences will see his character as a man 'who we are not able to simply judge as totally outrageously evil, but a pragmatic man with a great appetite for life'.
In fact Kempe's rather open discussion of her sexual relationship with her husband and her description of her sexual temptation and her desire for a man who later refused her advances proves a willingness not only to discuss sex but also to admit to sexual sin as, if we follow Augustine's model, her desire for this man constitutes the sin of lechery even if the act did not take place.
Angelo sentences a young fellow, Claudio, to be beheaded for lechery.
That Fendt can read Aristophanes so piously, without really acknowledging the 'lower types' portrayed therein or the unabashed delight in their vulgarity and lechery, suggests that his vision of comedy will be partial at best.
Lechery, resentment and abjection keep these poems active: after a dizzyingly erotic overture, they are obsessed by exclusion from the frolics of the young gods and goddesses of King's, resentment at widely published contemporaries, and resentment at the academically sponsored and tenured.
She said: "The girls have to escort such a lechery pet duck home because they know its keeper well and like the pet so much.